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Chances are, if you are a CPA, you are facing stiff competition from lawyers. It’s safe to say that as a CPA, you are not just competing with other CPAs but with lawyers as well. Many people do not know the crucial difference between a lawyer and a certified public accountant (CPA). They can provide you with the same services. Let’s learn CPA vs lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer can get expensive, especially when paying court fees, legal costs, and other related expenses. Thanks to your alternatives, you have a lot of options. One of the best alternatives is to hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). But here are some essential things that you should know about the difference between a CPA and a lawyer.

What Is A Certified Public Accountant-CPA?

CPA VS Lawyer

An accounting professional accredited by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) assists businesses and individuals in organizing their finances and tax records.

CPAs have expertise in business and finance and accounting and taxation. Many CPAs are involved in accounting, auditing, tax, and business consulting at major accounting firms, government departments, and companies.

What Is The Role Of A CPA? 

A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. They are experts in interpreting tax laws and regulations and helping people file their tax forms, and, in some cases, carrying out tax planning. However, the title has become so common that many people who aren’t accountants call themselves CPAs. 

In many cases, CPAs are simply salespeople who attempt to sell tax preparation services to unsuspecting customers. If you need tax help, go to an actual CPA, not a salesperson calling him a CPA.

What Is A CPA Good For? 

CPA VS Lawyer

A CPA is a financial adviser who analyzes and monitors the financial status of a business enterprise. The CPA is a highly-trained and highly-skilled professional. He is a person who provides his clients with reliable and accurate analyses of the financial status of a business. The CPA is the one who helps business owners in their day-to-day work. A CPA looks after the financial position of a business.  

He is an expert in providing solutions to the problems for which a business owner cannot find any solution. A CPA helps to take care of a business owner’s tax problems. He finds the tax loopholes and helps the business owner save tax money. I recommend you join a prestigious institute like ICAI and become a CPA. It is not easy, but the massive job market and the pay package are fantastic! 

Different Roles of Lawyer & A CPA

  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and lawyer play essential parts in a company’s financials.
  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a tax expert who can help you with taxes, accounting, and business advice.
  • (Certified Public Accountant) can help you save money on taxes.
  • Lawyers specialize in a specific area of law such as corporate, family, criminal, or civil law.
  • Lawyers are trained to solve disputes.
  • Are not required to have a four-year college degree to practice law.
  • Lawyers help you solve disputes.
  • Lawyers offer a range of services, including Corporate Law, Tax Law, Estate Planning Law, Criminal Law, and Divorce.
  • Help you with contract disputes and problem-solving.
  • Lawyers provide a wide assortment of services, including Corporate, Tax, Estate Planning, Criminal Law, and Divorce.
  • Lawyers help you with contract disputes and problem-solving.
  • Can help you with family law issues, such as divorce and child.

What Are The Similarities Between A Lawyer And A CPA?

What Are The Similarities Between A Lawyer And A CPA

There are many similarities between lawyers and CPAs. Both work in tax and financial areas. Lawyers train in the law, and CPAs train in accounting. CPAs can read financial statements and advise clients to grow or save their money. In the old days, lawyers and CPAs were separate, but many lawyers train in accounting today.

What Are The Variations Between A Lawyer And A CPA? 

Lawyers and tax accountants have some differences. They perform law, and tax accountants perform accounting. Lawyers are often referred to as the ‘army of one,’ while CPAs are part of a team that offers comprehensive services. Both works together to ensure a system is in place to protect your business and garner some tax benefits. 

Your lawyer and accounting professional should be working together in a capacity that prevents you from having any financial issues. The lawyer is often the first stop for advice for any legal issues you may have, and your CPA is often the first step for tax advice.

A Chart to Summarize CPA and Lawyer:

FeaturesCPA  Lawyer
Professional in the field  Field of business  Field of law  
SimilaritiesSkills to help with legal problems, Accountants, Work with numbers  Skills in legal issues, Accountants, Working with numbers  
DifferencesFocus on numbersTrained to argue  
Expertise  Accounting experts  Legal experts  
business services  Audit and accounting services  Patent and trademark services  

How Can CPA Help With Business Planning? 

How Can CPA Help With Business Planning

Creating a business plan is often crucial for a business owner. You must make a plan for your business because you will not survive without it. The principal reason for the plan is to manual you in starting an enterprise. First, you will be able to decide if you want to grow your business or not. 

If you’re going to make the business succeed, you will create a marketing strategy that will help you promote the business. It is easy to make an effective budget and manage your money when you have a plan. The plan will guide you in making decisions to be successful with your business.

How Can A Lawyer Help With Business Planning? 

Business plans are generally considered the first step in a venture dictates by the individual business owner’s needs. Apart from being a plan, a business model can serve as a map as it fails to help one reach different goals. It’s often employed to help understand how to achieve a goal.

A lawyer can help with drawing up a business plan, or revising an existing one, by providing valuable information about the legal aspects of your business. A lawyer who has expertise in your field of business can help with the most critical aspects of your business plans.

How Can CPA Help You With Taxes? 

How Can CPA Help You With Taxes

A certified public accountant is a certified professional authorized to prepare an individual’s income tax return and represent them in any dealings with the IRS. They do this by better understanding the tax code and ways to get the most deductions for your income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is A Better Profession: Accountant Or Lawyer?

Accountant, I prefer a more tangible result from my work.

If You Had To Choose Between A CPA And A Lawyer For Your Business, Which One Would You Choose?

For business, of course, a CPA

What Profession Should I Go Into?

  • Lawyer (risky) 
  • CPA (low risk)

Which Is A More Lucrative Career Path?

  • Lawyer (60%)
  • CPA (40%)


Suppose you are looking at either a lawyer or a CPA for your business. It is essential to be familiar with the difference between a CPA and a lawyer. Both professionals work on a similar level but with different aspects of the business. You should pay special attention to the distinction to choose the right options.

It may be hard to consider hiring a lawyer or a CPA. Lawyers are often better equipped to represent clients in court or other adversarial settings, while CPAs may be better suited to tax or audit representation. The main difference between lawyers and CPAs is that lawyers train to provide legal advice in all areas of the law, while CPAs train to provide accounting advice.


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