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A retainer agreement refers to a type of deal between clients and companies. In such an agreement, companies hire people for different services and pay them for them. Retainer agreement differs from the rest of the pricing models in its payment. In such an agreement, the customer must pay the retainer fee in advance. After the payment, they may consider finalizing the professional work. It means work is finalized after the payment. To learn “how long is a lawyer retainer good for? ” is good for both the lawyers and the customers as it clears many confusions. 

Retainers are getting more popular in all fields, but their popularity speed is more incredible in the legal field. Here, clients sign a retainer agreement with the lawyers. After signing such an agreement, the attorneys must work for the selected hours monthly. We’ve proposed a guide to acknowledging you about the proper tenure of a legal retainer. So, let’s move on to explore all about it. 

How Long Should a Lawyer Container?

How Long is a Lawyer Retainer Good For

Mostly, a retainer agreement is effective if signed for a long period. If you sign it for a shorter time, it may not be effective for both parties. 

Usually, a lawyer retainer is good for at least 12 months. Such a long period helps the attorneys learn all about the client. This period effectively allows an attorney to show their capabilities to their clients. 

Sometimes, clients don’t want to move on with retainers. In such a situation, the lawyer will have to return some fee. He’ll charge the amount of his work. For example, hiring an attorney for a month at $3000. But if your work may finish within twenty days, you can claim your $1000 as these belong to you. 

It will help if you remember that the retainer doesn’t mean the actual expenses. The matter may cost more or less. However, this amount is to start the work on the matter. It means that the client will make a trustworthy relationship with the attorneys. 

The foremost advantage of signing an agreement with a lawyer is having timely legal advice whenever needed. Your lawyer will guide you regarding any matter. You can resolve your issues by discussing them with an attorney. You should hire a business lawyer before starting any business to escape any misshape. 

Advantages of Retainer Agreement

As mentioned above, due to its sustainability, a retainer agreement is becoming popular in the legal field. It helps to make a trusted relationship with anyone who will move on with you. In the legal field, these entities are clients and attorneys. There are many benefits of the retainer agreement for both parties. Some of these advantages are discussed here. 

The foremost advantage of signing an agreement with a lawyer is having timely legal advice whenever needed. Your lawyer will guide you regarding any matter. You can resolve your issues by discussing them with an attorney. 

Close Relationship with Attorney

This benefit is also for the clients as they can make a deep relationship with their attorney. This will be very beneficial for anyone to move on with the proper advice of an attorney. Moreover, if you want to attract the attention of your attorney, it’s also possible, as you have a close relationship with him. 

Criminal Defense

In some states, people may suffer legal inquiries based on prior events. There is hardly any real truth behind such events. It’s not possible to defend such claims without a proper attorney.

If you have a lawyer on retainer, you can move on legally to avoid such baseless investigations. Being a legal entity, a lawyer will know the nature of the situation to handle it effectively. It’s another benefit of the retainer agreement with a lawyer. 

Post Arresting Facility

Sometimes, you face legal inquiries that put you in jail. After being arrested, you don’t have any chance to approach a lawyer to acquire justice. But if you have a lawyer on retainer, he will struggle for you. In this way, your release is guaranteed. 

Proper Handling of Any Case

You can get many benefits by signing a retainer agreement with a lawyer. If you suffer from such a case that needs minute observation, you can’t handle it without the aid of an attorney. If you have an attorney on retainer, you can judge your case minutely and vice versa. Moreover, your lawyer will guide you on every step of any case. He’ll tell you all about the next proceeding. In this way, you can handle the situation properly. 

Retainer Agreement is Economical

You’ll have to hire a lawyer when you face any critical legal situation. Depending upon the nature of your case, the lawyer may charge high fees. This may be a burden on your finances. However, if you have a lawyer on retainer, you’ll have to pay him just the agreement fee. He’ll proceed with any of your legal situations effectively. This will be very beneficial for your economic growth. You’ll move legally without any burden on your finances. 

Types of Retainer Agreements

Types of Retainer Agreements

Here are some of the most important types of retainer agreements. 

Hourly Retainer Agreement

Such agreements depend on the working hours. The attorney will charge according to the hourly working record. Different circumstances can affect the hourly fee of the attorney. Some important aspects that can affect the hourly charges of the attorneys are listed here. 

  • A senior lawyer will be higher than a fresh and inexperienced one. 
  • The fee of an attorney also depends on the type of legal proceeding.
  • These charges may fluctuate from region to region. 

It’s the best choice for cost-conscious clients as they can hire attorneys on hourly charges. 

Block Fee Retainer Agreement

This type of agreement refers to a situation where the client pays for a specific purpose or situation. Once finalized, this fee will be the same, no matter how long the lawyer resolves the issue. It’s the best choice for short-term cases like document clearance, drafting, etc. 

Contingency Retainer Agreement

In a contingency agreement, the client and the attorney move on by following certain terms and conditions. In such a case, the client will only pay the attorney’s fee if he succeeds. Such lawyers may charge very high fees for those who work on a contingency basis. However, this agreement is not valid for all situations. Sometimes, you have to adopt some alternative way to settle your case. 

Hybrid Retainer Agreement

You may also call the hybrid retainer agreement a flexible retainer agreement. In such a situation, a lawyer’s fee is flexible and depends upon the nature of the case. If you start a long-term case, it may be the best option for you, as you can handle your attorney accordingly. 

Pay For Work Retainer Agreement

One of the basic and most used retainer agreement types is the pay-for-a-work agreement. This type of agreement is based on monthly payments. Clients pay their attorneys every month for their work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a retainer fee expire?

No, any attorney can’t claim more fees from his client before he has finished the assigned task. However, the client must pay the monthly fee until the case is finalized. 

Is it a good idea to keep a lawyer on retainer?

Yes, having a lawyer on retainer is a good idea. Those who need permanent legal proceedings need a special attorney who can represent them in court permanently. Also, those who have some prolonged cases but can’t pay the fee may consider this type of retainer agreement. 

How much does it cost to keep a lawyer on retainer?

The cost of a retainer agreement may vary from $500 to $5000, depending upon the nature of the case. Also, this fee depends on the experience of the lawyer. 

How much should a retainer fee be?

$3000 is a reasonable monthly fee for a lawyer. If you’re a lawyer, you should try to complete the six-figure target income from the retainer agreements. This will add to your income. 

Can I get my retainer back from my lawyer?

If you paid the attorney a fee for a retainer, you could claim the fee back if the case is settled before the expected time. Moreover, if you have any money left from the retainer, you can claim it back. 


To learn how long a lawyer retainer is good for, you should have basic knowledge about the retainer agreement, its basic procedure, and all its types. Without proper knowledge about all these facts, you can’t learn about the retainer agreement’s sustainability. After thorough research, we’ve proposed a precise guide to explain all the essential concepts associated with a retainer agreement and its tenure. Hopefully, these will be beneficial for you to learn all about it. 

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