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The average lawyer senior partner salary or the average law firm salary in the United States is about $163,107 as of November 29, 2021. But the range of salary normally falls between $139,679 and$185,992. The salary ranges depend on several essential factors. Certifications, education, additional professional skills, and the number of years of your profession. 

According to the latest survey, this article will discuss the lawyer’s senior partner’s salary in detail. 

Who is the Senior Lawyer Partner?

Lawyer Senior Partner Salary

A lawyer partner in law, consulting, accounting or any financial firm is highly top. The position traditionally indicates the co-ownership of the partnership in which each partner gets the entitlement of share as a profit as equity partners.

Salary of the Senior Lawyer Partners in 2022

A Senior Lawyer in the United States can make quite a bit of money, but it’s not all about the salary. The real value comes from working long hours and learning new things. To get the most out of your career, consider signing up for some great benefits that will help you bank more money and live better on your income.

Benefits like 401(k) plans and health insurance are just a few examples. So don’t wait any longer; start thinking about what kind of job fit you best – there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to finding work or getting ahead in life!

The trend of high-paying law jobs is continuing and spreading to other industries. As the number of lawyers Increases and pay continues to grow, it’s no wonder that companies are reaching out to people with legal skills. Indeed, many large businesses now use online job boards or social media platforms to spread the word about open positions and attract qualified candidates from all over the world.

As a Senior Lawyer, you may have the opportunity to advance in your career and earn an excellent pay package. The median salary for a Senior Lawyer is $73,000. The main benefit that comes with a career in the field of computer programming is the opportunity to earn an extremely high salary.

Furthermore, many employers are now willing to offer perk plans and other benefits to attract and keep top talent. In addition, businesses are often more likely to give employees raises or promotions if they have successful careers past their initial contract term than if they do not.

The average annual salary for a Senior Lawyer in your area is more than the national average annual salary of $107,722. However, this ranking does not reflect the unique opportunities available to Senior Lawyers in your specific state or region.

For example, while the statewide average Annual Salary for a Statewide SeniorLawyer is $107,722, there are many states with much higher salaries, such as California ($139 million), Texas ($135 million), and Florida ($152 million).

Salary of the Senior Lawyer Partners in 2019

The earning of the senior lawyer partner in the top 200 law firms was, on an average basis, $1.054 million in 2019; this was the increase rate compared to 2018, according to the latest survey.

For equity partners, the average compensation was $1.39 million. All this, as compared to $432,000 for non-equity associates, according to the survey by legal search firm Lindsey, Africa, and Major.

However, the female partners of the lawyers in the law firms earn less than male partners. The earnings of the minority partners are less than white partners. In 2019 the earnings of the male partners were $1.13 million on average compared to $784,000 for female partners. But the growth rate in compensation for male partners is 7% only and 15% for female partners.

Similarly, the earnings of the white partners in 2019 were $1.046 million on average rate. While the partners acting as nonwhite partners have an earning rate of $869,000 on average. But in the survey of 2018, black partners have a big jump of 78% in the compensation rate followed by an increase up to 16% for Asian Pacific Partners.

The increase rate was 11% for white partners, and for Hispanic partners declined by 18%. The survey defines compensation as bonuses and basic pay. The signing of bonuses, one-time contingency payments, and other unusual payments are not countable.

Salary of the Senior Partners in 2021

Lawyer Senior Partner Salary

This survey was according to the 1,271 responses from the partners of the lawyers at AM Law 200 firms. These are the top-grossing law firms from July 29 to September 2021. Seventy percent of the respondents said that the pandemic of COVID 19 greatly affects their compensation rate in 2020. 

Latest reports indicate that the legal industry is making a better gross profit than before. Leading firms like Major Lindsay and Africa conducted a recent survey about the pandemic impact on the business of law firms in 2020 November. Approximately 134 respondents say that they are not expecting their 2020 compensations to affect due to the pandemic of COVID 19.  

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Senior Lawyer Partner Salaries

There is a list of the top ten cities where the normal salary for the lawyer’s senior partner is above the national average. On the top of the list are Lakes, AK, and San Francisco, CA, and Santa Clara, CA is close to the second position and third position.

Santa Clara and CA fight the national average by $20,338, 14.5%, and AK, Lakes have different trends with another $22,880 above the $140,036 average. 

It is most important to mention that AK and Lakes are on the top of the list for senior partner lawyer salaries and jobs currently hiring employees for this type of role. In these ten cities, the average salaries of the senior partners of the lawyers are higher than the national average salaries.

So, as a result, the chances for economic advancement by altering the locations as a senior law partner appear to be extremely beneficial and fruitful.

Another factor that is important to note is the average salary for these top ten cities is different to a little extent at between 5% between AK, Lakes AK, and San Jose, CA, restricting the limited potential for much wage increase. The option to live at a lower cost may be the best factor to adopt when considering salary and location for a senior law firm partner role.

CityAnnual salaryHourly wage
Lakes ,AK$162,917$78.33
San Francisco$162,255$78.01
Santa Clara$160,375$77.10
Los Angeles$156,391$75.19
Jersey City$153,564$74.21
Green River$153,564$73.83
San Buenaventura$153,560$73.83
San Jose$153,482$73.79                                  

Factors on which Senior Lawyer Partner Salary Depends

Lawyer Senior Partner Salary

The salaries of the senior partners of those lawyers depend on several factors. This gives the ballpark figures, but look what makes the difference. 

Lots of variation

There are many variables like firm performance, type of firm, market performance, the structure of the firm’s remuneration, type of work, and the course of partner’s performance. One can find the indication of the individual firm in their profits per equity partner. This formula shows the profit divided by how many equity partners work in the firm or with the individual lawyer. 

However, this is only an indication of the firm’s profit in general terms. However, it doesn’t indicate the partner’s share in the law firm. The distribution of the profits depends on the firm’s remuneration system. So, the creation of systems makes huge differences in the firm.

Arrangements of the partnership differ.

The traditional and normal approach is to adopt the lockstep agreement. That means the partner working for a longer time will get a greater share of the profit. The survey by MLA shows that 35% of firms are still working on the lockstep agreement, but the remaining firms are far away from this approach. 

The other side of the spectrum shows merit-based or performance-based remuneration, and there are many ways to do it. Often there is an involvement of the clients and the partners in the agreement.

This also means that working in the same firm or with the same lawyer, every individual earns a different salary. 

Most firms are working with the hybrid approach like the modified lockstep agreement. On the other hand, the hybrid system can include profit-sharing on an equal ratio basis, some by performance and some according to lockstep. 

Apart from the traditional equity partner, non-equity partners are also possible. This gives a chance to the partners with the salary payment with the responsibility and status but not with the share of profit. 

No equity partners have fewer voting powers and responsibilities depending on the firm and the individual partner they are working with. This offers the promotion of the partner’s status but not the share in the profit. 

Probe sensitively

So it is possible to know the lawyer’s senior partner’s original salary and get a good view of what a partner can get or earn as the profit per Equity partner information. But there are so many aspects and variables that it is difficult to calculate what a senior law partner can earn based on their services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do senior partners at the big law firms make?

The average larger firms and companies pay the partners of the lawyers an average of $1.054 million in 2019 and an increase of 10% from 2018, according to the latest survey.

What is the meaning of a senior partner lawyer in a law company?

In law companies, the partners of the senior lawyers are responsible for creating the firm’s profits. In America, senior lawyers track for partnership and use the title of counsel, and in Britain use the title of Senior counsel.

What is the salary of a lawyer partner in Detroit?

The average salary is $188,723 per year in the United States, which is 53% lower than the average Deloitte salary of $408,621 per year for this type of job.

Which is the highest post of senior partner in the law firm?

The managing partner has the highest post in the law firm. A senior lawyer or founding lawyer of the firm manages the day-to-day operations. The partner leads a decision-making board that includes other senior partners as lawyers and helps define and direct the company’s plans and visualizations.

Is being the partner of the firm or an individual lawyer worth it?

On being the partner of the law firm or an individual lawyer, you take the responsibility and get an equity stake in the firm’s profit. This helps you to draw profit to cover your bills and monthly expenses. You can get a significant portion of the dispersed earnings and revenues at the year’s closing.


A mid-career lawyer senior partner can earn an average total compensation including bonuses, tips, and overtime pay up to $154 equals ten salaries with 5 to 9 years of experience in the law field.

An experienced lawyer senior partner can ease the compensation up to $197,840. That equals 32 salaries with 10 to 19 years of experience in the law field. In their late career, the lawyer’s senior partners can earn up to compensation of $279 241. They must have 20 years of experience or more than that.


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