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Proper consultation and communication with the attorney are compulsory to proceed with a case effectively. Without proper communication, the lawyer can’t get the point of the plaintiff, and the plaintiff can’t understand the proceedings of the lawyer. When a lawyer will not be aware of your case’s exact situation and events, how will he gather information and evidence to support your will in the court? Also, lawyers are busy in many cases, and they may get confused with all their clients. So, it’s necessary to understand “how to explain your case to a lawyer?” to effectively process the case within a court. 

All these facts highlight how crucial proper communication and consultation with the lawyer are. To understand some effective ways for expressing your problem regarding a case with the lawyer, you’ll have to dig into the law market. After a thorough understanding, you can explain your case to the lawyer. 

However, digging the law market is not a child’s play. Some various facts and figures are hard to understand. That’s why it may take much of your precious time. To make your research regarding this matter easy, we’ve proposed a guide for you. Till the end, you’ll learn how to express your thoughts with your lawyer. 

How to Explain Your Case to a Lawyer

How to Explain Your Case to a Lawyer

Here are some tips that will help you make effective communication with your lawyer regarding the proceedings of your case. 

Be Comprehensive

You may know that lawyers arrange a consultation session with their clients to process the case. If the plaintiff fails to explain his incident precisely, the lawyer may get confused. In such a situation, he may fail to process your case properly. So, a precise and understandable story of the whole incident is necessary. 

Whenever you want to talk to your lawyer, get organized. When you explain your case in a proper sequence, the lawyer can understand it well. In such a way, the lawyer can gather information regarding your case that will be helpful in the court trials. 

Arrange Proper Documentation

Proper documentation plays a vital role in the processing of any case. If you have such documents that will support your case, make their proper file, and bring that file with you while discussing your case with the attorney. The lawyer will understand the case well from the file rather than your arguments as a legal person. Also, the supporting evidence will give wattage to your will.

So, arrange all the consequences of the incident in the file. Also, drop the unnecessary arguments and events from the story of your case. 

Provide the Lawyer with Minute Details

Unnecessary and minute details differ from each other. When considering a meet-up with your lawyer, remember all the minute details, and let the attorney know these facts. This step will strengthen your case. 

State Honestly

Honesty is the key to success in any field of life. The same is with your court case. Don’t think that a lie will make your case strong. Rather such a step may weaken your case. So, state all the incidents without any lie or exaggeration. Your lawyer should be your confidant, so state all the facts honestly. When you add something extra, the lawyer may get suspicious. In short, make lawyers clear about what is bad or what is right for the case. 

Clarification is Necessary

If you’re confused at any step during the processing of your case in court, you can get the help of your lawyer. Being a legal person, a lawyer may explain anything regarding the processing of the will effectively. So, never guess anything in legal prosecutions; clarify each and everything with the help of your lawyer. 

Keep the Lawyer Up to Date

Some cases may change during the proceedings in the court. Some severe incidents may occur during your case. If you notice any such incident, let your lawyer know that particular fact. It will help you and your lawyer in court. So, keeping the lawyer up to date with the current events plays a vital role in settling the case. 

Importance of Communication with Lawyer

How to Explain Your Case to a Lawyer

For an effective proceeding of the will in the court, proper communication with the relevant lawyer is necessary. There are many benefits of proper communication to both lawyer and client. Here are some of the benefits of proper communication between the lawyer and the plaintiff. 

Helps in Gathering the Data

When a lawyer hears the statement of any client, he starts an investigation to gather all the important data regarding the proceedings in the court. Collecting proper data regarding will processing is possible only if the lawyer has proper communication with his client. So, communication helps to investigate the will. 

Builds Trust

Without trust in the attorney, the success of any case is nearly impossible. When a person thinks ls his lawyer as his confidant, it helps in trust-building. Also, when you communicate with your lawyer, he understands your point of view about the case. This will help to move on the case mutually. In such a situation, you’ll leave the case on your lawyer, and he’ll move on according to his planning. 

Proper Understanding of the Opposite Party

When you communicate with your lawyer, he may provide you with important information about the other side of the case or opposition. When the lawyer tells you about the other side, you may consult him regarding the further proceedings. This will assist your case positively, and you can move on accordingly. 

It Keeps Up to Date with the Case Situation

When you’re not in touch with your lawyer, you may fail to learn the proceeding of your case. When you communicate properly with the lawyer, you’ll remain up to date about the case situation. 

Optimistic Thoughts

With proper knowledge of the case situation, a person can be optimistic about the case. His lawyer will keep him up to date about the proceeding of the will, and he will remain hopeful for some better decision. 

Helps in Case Planning

When you know the case situation, you may give any effective idea to the lawyer for proceeding with the case. You can plan your next step along with your lawyer if you’re aware of the case situation. However, if you leave the case totally on the attorney, he may act differently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a lawyer to take your case?

You can get a lawyer to take your case via the following techniques. 

  • Meet or contact personally not officially to the lawyer before starting the case. 
  • Learn about the timetable or routine of the attorney. 
  • If you’re going to refile a terminated case, never forget to bring the previous record. 
  • If you’re going to file a case against any company or association, let the attorney know about the terms and conditions of the relevant company or association. 
  • Always state the truth to the lawyer. 

How do you convince a lawyer?

Here are some ways to convince any lawyer to work for you. 

  • Impress him through your personality and body language. 
  • Be precise and to the point. 
  • Be formal, not informal. 
  • Describe the exact story to the lawyer. 
  • Provide the lawyer with essential documents. 

How do you write a case summary?

Here are some tips for writing a case summary. 

  • Decide on an effective format. 
  • Choose a proper title or subject. 
  • Know the event’s facts. 
  • Investigate the reasons behind the incident. 
  • Describe the issue as a question. 
  • Comprehensively explain the whole incident. 
  • Write down the final suggestion or your point of view about the case. 

Do lawyers take cases they can’t win?

Mostly lawyers avoid such cases for which the winning chances are fewer. Lawyers have to struggle a lot to fight a case in the law. This costs both time and money. So, lawyers avoid such a case for which they think that they can’t win. This will save them time and money. 

Why won’t the attorney take my case?

There are many reasons why lawyers may avoid taking your case. Some of such reasons are discussed in the later section. 

  • They think that you’re offering fewer charges. 
  • Your case may be out of their interest. 
  • They may think that someone else is better for your case. 
  • They may think that they can’t win the case. 
  • May have a busy routine and can’t manage to handle your case. 


From the facts mentioned above, the importance of proper communication is evident. With a proper understanding of the best ways to communicate with the lawyer, one can talk to his lawyer effectively. When the client and the lawyer move side by side, it will improve the case. So, learning how to explain the case with a lawyer is very beneficial. Follow the instructions mentioned above to communicate effectively with your attorney.


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