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Emancipation is a legal way to separate from your parents or guardians before the age of adultery. Some people call this process the divorce between you and your parents or guardians. As divorce, emancipation can strain or improve the personal relationship with your family, parents, or parents. So in this article, we will get how to get emancipated in Georgia, with all its ins and outs.

Therefore, once you get emancipation from your parents, you are free from your guardian and parents’ control and their custody. Also, you don’t have any right with your parents, and you cannot get any support or financial help from them. At the same time, you will get the right on most of the activities and aspects of your life but not on all of them.

How to Get Emancipated in Georgia

How to Get Emancipated in Georgia

If you think that emancipation is the right option for you to get, you must go through the rules and regulations and court procedures. Any minor who wants to get emancipation from the parent or guardian should file a petition with the appropriate court that should be typically according to the minor’s interest.

For example, the minor should be financially sound to bear the expenses of the emancipation process. The emancipation procedure consists of an overview of minor emancipation procedures, the legal effects of emancipation, automatic emancipation, and many more.

How to get emancipated in Georgia by court

Minors can get emancipation from their parents or guardians under certain conditions. When a minor gets married or sustains adult responsibilities while providing advanced proof of maturity. The procedure of how to get emancipated in Georgia through court proceedings works as the petition for emancipation. 

Petition requirements in emancipation by court procedure

When the minors file the emancipation request by applying for a petition, they have to prove their age, care, and control and they are the residents of the particular state. In addition, they must inform the court they want to get emancipation from the court. So, they should send the notice to their parents for the proceedings. 

Moreover, they must prove to the court that they are self-sufficient to have a financial background. Also, have enough maturity to care for yourself. This means that the applicant of the emancipation can provide themselves with shelter and support. That means they can make proper decisions of their own.

In Georgia, the emancipation status excludes general assistance, financial support, and general relief programs. All this, while determining the minor’s capacity to hold their expenses. In addition, some of the states exclude the illegal forms and criminal forms of support.

You can also file the emancipation through the court decree. You can file the declaration of emancipation even without your parents’ permission. In this process, if you need any help or assistance, you can get the help by contacting a local or state legal aid organization.

When they hear the petition, the court will issue the orders. They look into the criteria identifying emancipation in the minor candidate’s good interests. The court will consider the application of the emancipation if:

  • The applicant can support himself in terms of finances
  • If the candidate wants to live separate from the parents, has enough accommodation place
  • Has the capacity to make the decisions of his own
  • Have the diploma or attending the school
  • He is mature enough to do all the activities and functions as an adult

Notifications of parents

In most states, while filing the request for emancipation, the applicants must inform their parents or legal guardians that they will file the petition for emancipation. In addition, they are liable to give the court why they do not want to do the same.

Hearing of the court

In most cases, the court will set the hearing of the case where the judge will ask certain questions and hears the proof to decide whether emancipation is in the interest of the minor or not. The hearing process will proceed if the guardian or parent of the applicant does not object to the filing of the petition.

If the guardian objects to the petition, the court will declare the odder in the minor’s best interest. Things like the minor is a resident of the state. If the minor provides evidence of managing the activities and tasks, including the proof of employment and the other ways of support do not contain the general public assistance programs for needy families. 

Declaration of the emancipation by court

After hearing the case the court decides, to order the orders for emancipation. The newly emancipated minor should have copies of the declaration notice and give them to schools. Also to landlords, doctors, and anyone else. It will normally require the parents’ consent before dealing with the cases of minors.

When the court issues the order of emancipation, the court will keep the copy of the order. They keep it until the candidate of emancipation reaches the age of 25. This is the first step on how to get emancipated in Georgia.

On the other hand, if anyone plans to get emancipation by fraud is not a better option. Voiding emancipation will not affect the responsibility, obligation, rights, and interest that arise during the order.  

Automatic Emancipation of Minors

How to Get Emancipated in Georgia

When you use the word emancipation in the legal context, it means that you are free from the control of your parents, and your parents don’t have any legal right on you to perform the activities. But before the children reach the age of adultery and legal competence, they can control and have the custody of their guardians and parents, as even the parents have the right to their earnings. 

Before the child reaches the legal age of 18 to get emancipation, he can file a successful petition in the proper state court. However, in most states like Georgia, the child cannot get emancipation through the court petition rather than get emancipation through automatic emancipation.

A child can get automatic emancipation from the following procedures.

Get married

Each state has different criteria to get emancipation by getting legally married. For instance, the minimum age is 18 without parents’ consent, but the minor can marry someone at the age of 16 with the will of parents. There she even hard laws where a county clerk can expose misdemeanor charges for the issue of a marriage notice to any person under the age of 14. 

Join the armed forces

To get emancipation, if you are below the age of 18, you need to have the [parents’ permission to join the army, and you must be the age of 17 to join it. 

Reach the age of maturity

The age of maturity also varies from state to state, but in most states like Georgia, maturity is 18.

You should keep in mind that if your typical state does not provide you with the process for getting emancipation through the court procedure, you can easily get emancipation through the procedures mentioned above. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to get emancipation in Georgia?

There are a variety of emancipation laws, depending on the state, but in the mass state courts demand a filing fee of $150 to $200. You should file the appeal request with the court and inform your parents or legal guardians required by most states, and then the court will tell the hearing date.

Your parents or legal guardians must consent or agree to your living away from them for a teenager. It is necessary to have the parent’s consent and will to get emancipation.

How to get emancipated in Georgia at 16?

With the tutor’s permission, the teenager at least 16 can file a notification of emancipation with the public curator. The declaration must include the teenager’s written request for emancipation and the consent or will of the tutor.

How hard is it to get emancipated?

Yes, emancipation is difficult to obtain as the law strongly favors the majority. It usually happens upon showing unusual or extraordinary circumstances and conditions that the courts will allow emancipation. 

What does emancipated mean legally?

Any act by which a person generally has a slave or a minor, who has once been under the authority, is set free. Emancipation, in some jurisdictions, is the liberation of the bound individual from their duty to serve and obey their parents or guardians.


In Georgia, the parents need to care for their children when they reach the age of 18. Then, when they want to become independent, they have to file the application or the petition to get emancipation in Juvenile court. For more than 25 years, the attorney has been helping the clients get the emancipation of minor petitions.

The parents of the minor can object to the emancipation filed by the applicant. However, they must submit a formal written application in court within 30 days. According to Georgia law, the process of emancipation needs the advice of a skilled family law attorney.


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