How to Prove Income for House Cleaning | 7 Simple Steps to Follow


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Self-employment means that you get employment for yourself on your effort. Employment is enjoyable in its real sense because you enjoy the flexible timings in all your schedules and activities. Self-employment does not mean that you should forget about your credit liabilities and responsibilities. Let’s learn how to prove income for house cleaning.

However, providing proof of your income for a good house cleaning comes by accomplishing certain aspects. Taxation, loans, bank statements, payslips, and insurance purposes are those aspects. This may be an overwhelming task for self-employed individuals.

However, proving your income is the most straightforward procedure. Therefore, have a look at the process of how to prove income for house cleaning.

How to Prove Income for House Cleaning

How to Prove Income for House Cleaning

Locate all the annual tax returns

When it comes to proof for income, the tax returns to show is the best way to go. If you’re a businessman or a self-employed, you will get the proper tax returns for the running year that defines your annual income.

It would help to keep in mind that the tax returns are downsizing, as most people do not keep all the records and data off the books. Income or smaller project fees. This means that your tax return does not identify the full status of your whole income for the specified year.

The tax documents are important legal documents. They include copies of the latest documents in the most reliable resources. However, the annual tax documents are hard to retrieve if you do not have copies of these documents readily available in the months of tax evaluation.

These documents couldn’t be correct if you compare them to the pay stub. All this, because you don’t fill taxes yearly.

They don’t show additional incomes in these documents. So, the additional documents to show the income like bank statements and paystubs can help expose the more accurate picture.

Show your bank statements

A bank statement also works as an account statement. It shows that the bank is accountable for the account holder’s money. These documents are a great way to help account holders keep a record of their funds and money. They also help account holders identify their errors. In addition, keeping a record of finances, and recognizing their spending habits.

Bank statements are good sources to indicate the personal cash flow when it is a matter of tracking and proving your income. This, especially when you work on your own. It can be an easy task, but not to misidentify the deposits and expenses.

The perfect way to disassociate your personal and professional expenditures and deposits is to set up a separate account for business purposes. It is an excellent way to show and prove your income and business expenses down the line.  

Online accounting services

A robust accounting records system can ensure the complete availability of several business documents like profit or loss statements, balance sheets, and other types of information, as these records help prepare correct financial statements.

In addition, you can use the online tracking services that are best to track the payments and expenditures like pay pal and other platforms. These platforms track and monitor the deposits and expenditures automatically, as some of these services provide additional accounting services and assistance. 

You can also make your record of income, whether you work for yourself or not. The income proof is dependent on the organization of your records. The more you have control in the income records and on top of your cash flow list, the higher your income will be proof. If you track the expense record through the computer to agency hosting fees to pens or papers can be helpful to save your funds and money.

Maintain the profit and loss statements

The profit and loss statements are extremely important in making the decisions in any aspect. Considering all the related expenditures gives a clear picture of whether the operations result in a profit or loss. 

If you are a business owner, it is important to keep a record of profit or loss in the documents. However, any self-employed person can also keep a record of profit and loss statements.

In this advanced age, credit companies are also working for the people to assist them in creating profit and loss details. However, you can also generate this statement with your effort.

By law, your statement must give the details of incomes, expenditures, and business-related deposits. The statements should be following the corresponding dates that match with the bank or online banking statements. 

Proof of unearned income

The documents of unearned income fall under the category that the government issues. Unearned income is the income from investments and other sources unrelated to employment. Examples of unearned income include bond interests, interest from saving accounts, alimony and dividends and stocks, taxable interests, and capital gain distributions.

It also includes taxable social security benefits, unemployment compensations, pensions, annuities, cancellation of debts, and distributions of unearned income from a trust. These are also reliable documents for lenders to show your income.

Still, it would help if you depended on these documents because these sources are not always consistent, for instance. Still, the benefits of unemployment and worker also come to an end in normal conditions. Therefore, if you need steady proof of income for a short time, these documents can be a helpful, full resource, but you should remember that you have to get reliable resources when these sources stop.

As the unearned income includes all income that a person does not earn, but it can reduce the taxes on your income like you can invest in municipal bonds, take long term capital gains, make retirement accounts and employ benefits to the maximum level, use of HAS, can claim tax credits.

Record of invoices

Another good way to prove your income is to show the invoices is how the invoices and contracts that you have with your partners and clients. This is a good way to prove that having a certain amount of income for months to income.   

Prove your income

Self-employment is greatly liberating, as it can be disappointing when it is a matter of proving your income for insurance purposes and other objectives like this. Fortunately, if you are a self-employed individual, showing the proof of your income is a pretty easier task that most people don’t idealize.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that the documentation should be well organized. All the details in the documents should be constant. Keeping the record of tax returns, bank statements, profit and loss statements all in a good manner. That proves your income well and keeps a good impact.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you show your income?

Your federal tax return is solid and valid proof of what you have made over the running year. Secondly, bank statements can show all the details of income payments from clients to sales. Profit and loss statements can be well-proof for your income. 

How do you claim house cleaning on your taxes?

You can subtract the house cleaning services cost using an equal percentage of your home office to your whole home. Even if you’ve completed your office and the home is cleaned, IRS offers you to deduct the whole amount for the cleaning service.

How can I prove I don’t have any income?

You can present the copy of your latest tax return you requested during the previous year and had no income. Organize your bank statements for the past three to six months to indicate that you have made no deposits at that time. 

Is the payslip being a proof of income?

The certificate of employment with the monthly income issued within the 3 to 6 months’ payslips dated within the 3 months, payroll bank, accounts statements. Web screenshots of online banking, mobile banking app, and payroll credits as valid proof of income need only one of these documents.

How can I prove my income if unemployed?

Instead of bank statements and pay stubs, you can submit the compensation or subsidy records you have. These documents can be in many shapes and forms. Social security statements, unemployment statements, workman compensation letters, and many more.

You can also prove your income if you don’t have a job by providing the unemployment benefits statement. These can be counted during the verification process.


Proof of income is important for lenders, landlords, and many other entities, as your income is a factor that can define several things, from your health insurance planning to the amount of money you get from the personal loan. Moreover, it shows the amount of money the applicants earn or receive from other sources. Proofing the income sources can be a good way for future residents to check the budget. So, ensure that you are taking more rent than you can afford.


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