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Lawyers charge fees from their clients according to the nature of the case, their own experience, or the hours they spent on the case. However, state or region is also one factor affecting lawyers’ fees. Mostly, lawyers charge low fees in small cities or towns, while they charge heavy fees in big cities or towns. Many experienced lawyers all over the US charge a heavy amount from their concerned clients. Such lawyers fall under the category of the most expensive lawyers with very high fees. 

Different factors combine to make the attorney’s fee high or low. In some cities or states, a lawyer’s fee ranges between $35 to $50 hourly. While in big and populated cities, this fee may fall between $250 to $520. 

To learn all about the fees of different types of lawyers, one will have to deeply dig into the law market. However, checking different lawyers one by one is a time-consuming and difficult task. To make your research easy, we’ve proposed a brief guide having all the facts and figures about the fees of different lawyers. So, let’s move down to exploring all these facts. 

What are High Paid Types of Lawyers?

Most Expensive Lawyers

Different types of lawyers perform different duties according to their specialization. Many factors affect the income of any lawyer. According to our research, the following are the high-paid types of lawyers. 

Immigration Attorney

Immigration attorneys work for the rights of the people regarding the documentation of their statuses within the state. Though such lawyers earn comparatively less, they also earn a handsome profit by serving their clients. 

These lawyers offer their services to settle the problems like trouble staying within the state, difficulty in running their businesses in their region, or any other hard time during stay within the state. These lawyers help the people to remain consistent with their tasks. The average income of such a lawyer is about $62000 annually. 

Corporate Attorney

Such lawyers help their clients settle the problems regarding their businesses, transaction issues, sale issues, or any other legal issue within their businesses. Most of the corporate lawyers work within some big law firm. These firms hire such lawyers on contract. They are paid according to the terms and conditions of the firms. An average income of an experienced corporate lawyer falls between $62,741 to $110,103. 

Besides working with firms and clients having business issues, such lawyers also help the clients by building capital, laying the foundation of new corporations, and buying or selling the assets. 

Civil Rights Attorney

Like corporate lawyers and immigration lawyers, a civil rights lawyer earns a handsome amount by serving his clients. Such lawyers offer their services on the following issues:

  • Equal rights
  • Freedom cases
  • Human rights cases
  • Discrimination issues

Such lawyers also offer their services on many other issues regarding the civil rights of the people. They can earn up to $69000 annually. 

A tax lawyer

Different firms or corporations face various issues regarding the tax. In such cases, the tax lawyer acts as a representative of these types of clients. They work for their clients by raising their issues before the relevant state’s federal or local tax authorities. 

To save their assets from taxes, the big firms pay a hefty fee to the tax attorney. The attorney, in turn, saves their tax amount through his expertise. However, being such a lawyer is not easy. Such lawyers have to stay up to date with the changing policies regarding taxes. However, they earn handsome revenue by serving the big firms or corporations. 

Divorce Attorney

Divorce cases in the United States are indeed on a steady decline, but this does not mean that such disputes are eliminated. There are yet such cases where the family’s peace is disturbed, leading to the divorce. When the matter reaches the court, a divorce lawyer represents each party on their behalf. Such lawyers offer their services regarding the following issues. 

  • Child protection cases
  • Custody issues
  • Divorce cases
  • Division of the property within the couple

Such a lawyer tries to resolve the issue through his expertise. These are also among those types of lawyers who earn the most. The annual income of such lawyers is up to $71000. 

Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers are expert law entities who command the law procedures. They represent their clients within the court on different trials. Due to the daily changing routine of the court, the trials keep on changing. So, these lawyers must remain in touch with the court to reach the trials. 

Such lawyers have excellent memory and communication skills. These lawyers also earn handsome money by serving their clients on their issues. They can earn up to $113000 annually. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

Such lawyers assist the clients if their personal property is damaged or harmed in any accidental case. In the absence of a personal injury lawyer, the post-injury cases may be very complicated and tough. So, the service of such a lawyer in accident cases is remarkable. 

They assist their affected clients with the problems like proper treatment, insurance backup, and recovery of the loss. They charge a reasonable fee that earns them a handsome profit. Their annual income may be up to $73000. 

Intellectual Property Lawyer

In the modern age of technology, intellectual property cases are very common. In different cases, people may steal or harm the intellectual property of any other party, in such cases, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property cases is necessary. He effectively deals with cases like copyright issues, patent issues, or trademark issues. 

Such lawyers are also among those lawyers who earn a high amount by serving their clients. They earn money by settling the intellectual property cases of their clients. Their annual income may be up to $155000. 

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers work for investigations about the suspected person. They are specialized in settling criminal cases effectively. If people are accused falsely, criminal lawyers also fight for their rights in court. 

However, such lawyers usually work for state agencies or corporations. They, in turn, pay him for his services. They also earn a handsome revenue by serving their clients or government agencies. Their annual income is almost $78000. 

Medical Attorney

Such lawyers help their clients by settling their issues regarding medical services. Ill-treatment, health insurance issues, medical staff claims, and many other duties concern a medical lawyer. Their role within the social system is vital as they handle one of the most critical social system issues. 

The income of a medical lawyer is also high, like many other types of lawyers. They can earn up to $147000 annually by offering their services to the concerned clients.

Most Expensive Lawyers 

Most Expensive Lawyers

Here is a list of the most expensive lawyers. 

  • Jose Baez – the smartest lawyer in the USA who holds more than $700000. 
  • John Branca – a fashion lover lawyer who also holds a degree in musicology. His assets are worth $670000. 
  • Thomas Mesereau – a humanist lawyer who holds more than $650000. 
  • Vernon Jordan – a Georgian lawyer who belongs to civil court. He holds almost $630000. 
  • Harish Salve – an Indian lawyer, industrialist, investor, and politician who holds almost $600000. 
  • Vikki Ziegler – a domestic lawyer who belongs to New Jersey. She holds $570000. 
  • Stacey Gardner – a model and Lawyer of Beverly Hills who holds almost $540000. 
  • Howard K. Stern – a world-famous lawyer who holds almost $400000. 
  • Albert Stainoz – a contingency lawyer of the US who holds about $320000. 
  • Benjamin Civiletti – a dedicated US lawyer who holds about $300000. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest lawyer ever?

Richard Scruggs is the richest lawyer in the world. His net worth is about $1.7 billion, far more than many lawyers in the law field. 

How much does an expensive lawyer cost?

An experienced lawyer usually proves expensive. An expensive lawyer can charge his clients between $255 to $500. 

How do lawyers become rich?

A lawyer’s earnings are not so high at the start. An experienced lawyer will earn far more than an entry-level attorney. To become rich, the lawyer will have to serve more and more clients that are possible only by building value within the field. 

Are all lawyers rich?

Most lawyers earn handsome revenue by serving their clients over various issues. So, they lead a comfortable life in the upper-middle-class or even the elite class of the social system.

Are lawyers richer than doctors?

No, lawyers are not richer than medical doctors as doctors earn more than lawyers. 


Being a lawyer is an economical and dutiful job as lawyers earn by serving humanity. However, different types of lawyers earn different amounts. Lawyer’s income varies from type to type. Some are the most expensive lawyers, while others are economical. In the above guide, a precise introduction to the ten most expensive lawyers is given to help you out in your learning.


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