How to Stop False CPS Reports | 5 Steps to Stop False CPS Reports


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When someone files a false report for child abuse against you, you must be ok to lay out a great deal of effort, resources, and time to stop it. Unluckily, false CPS reports appear every day in every state. Most institutions do not support most of these reports filed by the department of human services.

CPS reports are filed normally by family members, educators, friends, and acquaintances who misinterpret the situations. In some cases of CPS reports, the in-law’s ex-spouses are the ones who fill those reports. Therefore, follow the procedure below if you want to know how to stop false CPS reports.    

What is a False CPS Report?

How to Stop False CPS Reports

When people report child abuse or ignore it in bad faith may be responsible for punishment. The law offers the criminal or civil liability or responsibility for knowing to file a false report.

The one who files the report must willingly or intentionally make a false report to neglect CPS or child abuse. It does it as the one who reports either that it was likely that the report was false or knew the report was false.

How to Stop False CPS Reports

How to Stop False CPS Reports

Attack your accuser’s credibility and reputation

The word of an accuser can be the only evidence that a crime of sexual abuse occurred. However, the word of an accuser may be sufficient for your losing case. Now you must be polite and humble rather than start to gather proof that your accuser doubts about it. There are several reasons for which your accuser disagrees. The most common reasons are:

  • The accuser is telling a lie, and you should indicate and explain the aim of lying.
  • That accuser made a mistake about the event.
  • Accuser may be at fault for the identification of the offender.
  • If the accuser has false, memory.
  • If the accuser incurr into facts that are not true.
  • The accuser raises the allegation by force.
  • The accuser has not made a claim never before.
  • If the accuser is not the original accuser and possibly the parent of an accuser has manipulated the accuser. 

It’s up to you what proof or evidence you want to use to attack the accuser’s reputation. So, whether posts on social media, Witness testimony, emails, text messages, or the evidence. One common issue in this situation is that most parents don’t want to throw mud on their kids.

So, there are some reasonable ways to determine the parent’s or the child’s accusation. The choice is of you opt for depends on the circumstances of your particular case.

Boost your reputation, credibility

To stop the false report of child protection services, you should test your case. It is critical to believe that your statement is credible. The following are some ways by adopting you can prove your credibility.

  • Get the character witness statements and proofs
  • Tell the facts
  • Be stay on your statements
  • Pass a lie detector test. Or a polygraph, as this should be according to law enforcement
  • Get the statements from witnesses that match your statements. 
  • Pass the evaluation as per psychology, as this process needs an expert like a psychiatrist.

Attack the sufficiency of the proof against you

You should pay attention to the proofs and evidence accumulated against you by the CPS, law enforcement. In addition, all other types of licensing agencies during their inquiry of the child abuse allegations. Following are some of the particular facts in the government cases.

  • The witnesses offered contradictions and inconsistencies. It will help if you are looking for the inconsistencies in the witness on one individual.
  • Similarly, the writer or author of the report’s contradictions includes the investigating officer, social worker, or police officer. The conclusions made by them should be consistent, according to the evidence and logic proved.
  • Holes and gaps in the investigation process, specifically the three things. If the investigator asks any question to the witness and he fails to answer. Witnesses interviewed the investigator but failed to do it. The investigator tried to get the evidence in photos, documents, and videos but failed to get this evidence.
  • Such evidence and proof that disproof’s, attacks, and weaknesses in government’s case made against you. Looking for the statements or evidence that the investigator failed to get would be either helpful or be the negative point against you.
  • Whether the investigator is trying to make an effort to get the statement of the witness’s evidence. 
  • The evidence made by the investigator only used as efforts proved to be against you, or he has made no effort to look for those proofs that favor you. 
  • The investigator goes for the investigation with the preconceived statement about the supposed result of the investigation.

More about Stopping False CPS Reports

  • Someone or something in the favor, bias, or prejudice on behalf of the witness or investigator.
  • It will help if you also look for the reasons for false statements.
  • Reasonable and alternative theories of the case, as one example, can be the reason behind the child’s injury, some other reason or fact other than physical abuse, like the sports injury, or fighting with any other fellow.
  • Confirmation bias contains the ability to interpret proof to confirm that someone believes in the theories and facts.
  • Al kinds of investigators are considered to fall victim to their current personal theories like social workers, police officers, licensed investigators, and forensic interviewers. One way to beat this fact is to check whether the government’s conclusions are true and take essential steps to confirm or verify the results.
  • Other witness statements and proofs are helpful to respond to the claims and allegations. 
  • Timelines and chronology of events and facts you should have the records of each situation. A written document of timeline can be helpful to understand the story of the real event. Also to tell the situation of the event in a better way. So, remember the important points of the event that are previously forgive.

Take the help of Human Service Investigation.

Based on the facts and complaints, the Department of Human Service can investigate whether the report was based on facts. Suppose there is no basis for the reports. In that case, the caseworkers do their best to prove that the claims and allegations are unfounded unluckily. There is a chance that the false allegations can gain traction in these situations. 

If a caseworker reaches your home, you should remain polite and humble. It will also be better to call the attorney to conversate with the caseworker. Remember they have the right to communicate with the child in question.

To stop the CPS reports, depending on the state, you have the right to take legal action against those who knowingly make the false allegations against you. Some of the states are making false claims to obtain the child’s custody or a crime. You can also take civil actions under certain rules and regulations in another case. It is also critical to discuss with the lawyer to stop the CPS reports, and you have to pay the certain charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is called a false CPS statement?

People who report child abuse or mistreatment in bad faith may be forced to be punished. 

How do I sue CPS reports for false claims?

You don’t have to verify anything or submit any proof to file for your complaint; your attorney will file a complaint in the federal district court that has jurisdiction over the county where the CPS agency is situated.

What to do if my child is falsely accused?

Understand the weight of the accusation, contact an attorney without representation, do not speak with the police, stay away from the accuser, and make a detailed account of events and happenings.

What happens if the child lies to CPS?

If the child lies to CPS, it will destroy your family. The lawyers are even hesitant to fight for their rights because they will have to watch their own back with CPS if they win. 

How can you beat child protection?

Keep your records and statements, ask the required questions, prepare your plan, be aware of social media, and manage your emotions. 


Based on the above facts and procedures, it is concluded that you can stop the false CPS reports in many ways either by taking the help of attorneys, by legal help, civil processes, as it is a right of everyone to beat these reports. The main objective of the CPS report is to protect the child in his own home when the child is at risk when it is right to do so and to help them quickly in time of emergency.

Moreover, cps promote children’s well-being and safety through intervention in the reported child abuse cases. If you suspect that a child is abused in any way, it is essential to report about it rather than not take action against it. If the offender is a teenager or a child, reporting the abuse can help get support and change their attitude.


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