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A legal consultant and lawyer belong to the law field but are not essentially different. They are different in many respects, so they should never be confused as the same. Both these legal figures play an essential role in resolving public issues effectively. They may differ in practice, experience, and services they provide to their clients. A legal consultant and a lawyer have different duties to perform within the law field to facilitate the people within their state. However, exploring “legal advisor vs. lawyer” is interesting, particularly for those who take them as the same. This guide is about legal consultant vs. lawyer.

No society can be peaceful without legal persons like judges, attorneys, or consultants. Sometimes, they resolve the cases without processing them in court. They can handle small disputes by simple mediation between both parties. In short, their services in the social structure can’t be denied. 

However, knowing the basic difference between a lawyer and a legal advisor is necessary. This may help those who have to get the services of any of two or for those who want to join any of these fields as his profession. This article will be discussing all the lawyers and legal consultants. So, let’s dive deep to explore all about the query under discussion. 

Legal Consultant vs. Lawyer

In the law field, a legal consultant is a person who guides individuals, business associations, or law firms for a particular legal case or matter. Different organizations hire them to resolve their problems within the law field. Such persons have a command over the cases regarding real estate, health issues, tax, or any other business issue. 

Besides their qualification, these figures dig the law market deeply to know all the rules and regulations of this field. While researching the market, they learn how to deal with a particular legal situation effectively. So, they can advise people well to resolve their disputes or process their will within the court effectively. 

Legal consultants, like other legal figures, play a vital role in building the structure of society. It is also a lucrative, serving, and high-paying job and one can recruit himself in this field through a proper procedure. After joining the field officially, one can offer his or her services in the field. Here is a precise method to choose the legal consultant career. 

Bachelor’s Degree 

To get started with any of the law fields, a bachelor’s degree is an inevitable thing. No one can proceed directly without earning this degree from a recognized institute. One can earn this degree in any of the subjects. However, a person interested in the law field should opt for criminal justice, law studies, political science, or any other art subject.  


After earning a bachelor’s degree, the next step is to apply for the law school admission test (LSAT). This test is compulsory to get admission in any of the law fields. The purpose of this test is to examine a student’s capabilities about the field he or she is going to enter. 

Mostly, such tests are multiple-choice question types that are set to test the student’s thinking abilities. So, if you’re interested in joining the law field as a consultant, you’ll have to clear this test to get admission to any of the law schools. 

Law degree 

After entering law school, one will have to complete his or her tenure of three years there. Different courses and skills are taught during these three years. After completing three years at any law school, one will earn a law degree. This degree is usually regarded as a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. 

Get Training

After earning the law degree, the next step is to practice within the field. For this, one can join internship programs. But always choose such a place that helps you learn all those things that will assist you after entering the field professionally. 

State bar Examination

It’s an optional step for those starting their career as legal consultants. However, earning a license from the state bar association will help you become a competitive candidate within the law market. 

Get experience

When you have completed the study for the legal consultant, the next step is to gain experience in the relevant field. You can do this by joining any law firm or corporation and serving there to gain experience. Try to learn every complication within your field. 

Be Creative

To serve as a legal consultant effectively, one must be creative. If you’re interested in the law consultant field, build your communication, listening, conversation, creative thinking, and evaluation skills. These skills will help you throughout your career as a legal consultant. 

Who is a Lawyer?

Legal Consultant vs. Lawyer

A lawyer earns a law degree from a law school, has a permit from the state bar association to practice law, and represents his clients within the court for different cases. There are many types of lawyers who practice law in different fields. 

How to Become a Lawyer?

Here are a few steps to joining the law field as a lawyer. 

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in any subject is necessary to become a lawyer as a legal consultant. So, earn a bachelor’s degree from any recognized institute of your state. 

Appear in LSAT

After a bachelor’s degree, LSAT is also necessary to enter law school. So, appear in this test and clear it. 

Three Years at Law School

To earn a JD degree, three years of education in any of the recognized institutes of the state is necessary. So, complete your tenure to earn this degree. 

Get Permit

No one can start practicing as a lawyer in the law field without a permit or license from the state bar association. So, clear the state bar examination to get the permit to practice within the law field. 

Take Oath

Oath-taking is also necessary to guarantee that one will stand by his state’s rules and regulations. So, proceed with this step after getting the permit. 

What are the Responsibilities of a Lawyer?

Legal Consultant vs. Lawyer

Here are some of the responsibilities that a lawyer will have to fulfill within the law field. 

  • Should protect the state law, so he always stands with the law. 
  • Will be a representative of the clients in the court. 
  • Have to prepare for defending the client’s will within the court. 
  • Have to explore the facts about the client’s case. 
  • Will be the voice of his clients to get justice legally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Law education is an inevitable condition to become a legal consultant. However, a lawyer will have to earn a permit from the state bar association, but a consultant may go without this condition. A consultant can’t represent the clients in court without getting the license from the state bar association. 

Can a lawyer become a consultant?

Yes, a lawyer can also become a legal consultant if he is interested in this field. However, his duties will shift from courtrooms to the public sectors in such a situation. Moreover, he’ll have to learn all about the law field, not only the field ha is practicing in. 

A legal advisor gives expert advice to the business tycoons and other associations to resolve their legal issues. They may also act as government representatives in many cases. Such law figures work on a contract basis or according to the nature of the work. 

Can you be a consultant with a law degree?

Yes, you can start your career as a legal consultant or advisor if you have a law degree. However, you’ll have to struggle to get the experience and learn all about the law field. Without a proper understanding of the practical field, you can advise people on their legal issues. 

Legal consultants or advisors have the same qualification as that lawyers or attorneys. However, they may be more experienced and know more about the law field due to their research. Large business associations, government agencies, or authoritative individuals hire such advisors to take some legal advice in their court matters. 

If you’re acting as a paralegal in any law firm, you can use the titles of legal consultant, legal advisor, or legal executive for yourself. 


Lawyers and legal consultants both serve professions, and one can choose any of these to serve the public. Along with being noble, these professions may also earn handsome revenue for you. However, those interested in joining any of these factors must learn the basic differences. A precise introduction given in the above section will be really helpful for you to decide whether to join the legal consultant field or the lawyer field. 


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