Why You Want to Be a Lawyer | 13 Reasons You Don’t Know Before


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Being a lawyer is an honorable profession. You can build relations with the most respected society members, attorneys, and judges within the law field. Also, many other reasons may lead you to choose the law field. Indeed, the law field has a bad image in some societies, but it’s not right. One can’t blame the whole family of lawyers if they are dishonest or disloyal with their clients. If you’re also one of the amateurs of the law, people will frequently ask you, ‘why you want to be a lawyer?’ You can answer them with solid arguments. 

An honest lawyer is a dutiful person who always remains busy serving the people. So, no one has the right to call all the lawyers corrupt or mere showing persons. When you unveil your desire to become a lawyer, you may face many queries regarding this choice.

However, by digging into the law field deeply, you can deny the people’s arguments. But all this is possible only when you dig the market thoroughly and learn all good things about the lawyers. You’ll find this article discussing all the law fields. So, let’s explore this discussion. 

Why You want to Be a Lawyer?

Why You Want to Be a Lawyer

A Serving Profession

Most kind-hearted people join the law field to serve humanity. They want to give relief to human beings from their tensions and worries. They think all this is possible by joining the law field. In this way, they can have an opportunity to make the system of their society better. 

Being a lawyer, one can serve the people in the following areas. 

  • Family matters
  • Business issues
  • Getting their rights
  • In immigration cases
  • Personal injury cases
  • Protecting the civil rights
  • Tax payment issues
  • Criminal cases

These are some well-known areas where a lawyer can help people. However, there are many other fields, and one can join according to his or her interest. 

To Run the Welfare Societies

There are many welfare societies of lawyers who assist the people on various issues. In such agencies or societies, they have a team that acts as pro bono. Pro Bono is those lawyers who work for needy people without charging their fees. 

You can work in the following ways to assist the people. 

  • As an individual lawyer
  • An experienced group of lawyers
  • Lawyer associations
  • Any company that hires the lawyers
  • Serve the voiceless creatures
  • In any firm
  • By forming your firm

These are some ideas to serve humanity. However, a lawyer may adopt any other according to his or her interest and mindset. 

To Act as a Consultant

An experienced lawyer may act as a consultant. A consultant lawyer hears the problems of needy people and gives them suggestions about the remedies for their issues.

Many helpless persons want to seek the suggestions of an expert lawyer. A lawyer who can work for the people may act as a consultant for free. This may be another reason that may force you to become a lawyer. 

A Flexible Profession

Another reason that may be the cause behind someone’s choice of the law field is flexibility. Depending upon their experience, the lawyers may set their charges. Also, with time, a lawyer learns to manage all his cases accordingly. This feature helps the lawyer to set his particular hours of duty. 

Also, this field’s flexibility helps the lawyers choose the cases of their interest that will not bore them. Each lawyer is specialized in a certain field. So, the flexible nature of the law field helps lawyers and clients a lot. This may also be a reason for someone’s choice of the law field. 

Easy Job Shifting

Sometimes, lawyers may want to be all-rounders, which means they want to learn different skills. If a lawyer wants to shift his career to another new field during the service, he can do it easily. He can learn skills and shift his career to any other profession. This may be another reason behind anyone’s joining the law field. 

Great Utilization of the Skills

For some people, the law field does not prove beneficial. In such a situation, he may want to leave the law field. But the skills he learned in the law field will not leave him helpless. He can earn a handsome livelihood by utilizing his creative skills in different areas. Here are some skills that you’ll learn within the law field. 

  • Creative Thinking skill
  • Evaluation Skill
  • Writing skill
  • Communication Skill
  • Investigation skill
  • Consultant skill

After leaving the law field, one may shift his concern to polish these skills. Within a few days, he can utilize his skills in many fields. This may also be a reason for joining the law field. 

An Economical Field

As you know, the lawyers charge a handsome fee to work for the people. They may earn handsome revenue through this field. According to a survey, a lawyer may earn up to $129000 annually. Law is a more beneficial and economic profession that may earn a handsome amount for you. So, earning a handsome profit through legal means may also cause someone’s to choose the law field.

Gaining the Knowledge

Unlike many other fields and subjects, the law is tough and harder. It needs a great struggle and consistency for gaining perfection. Unlike science subjects, the law requires a thorough study of the law books.

This will open the doors of knowledge for a person joining the law school. So, the law field is a great source of knowledge for study lovers. It may also result in some science students joining the law field. The law schools will allow you to learn about the world’s laws. 

Creation of Creative Thinking

Unlike the science subjects where you evaluate any situation logically, in the law field, you’ll have to think critically. This will sharpen your creative skills. 

To Learn the Criminal Case Processing

Over time, the number of criminal cases is increasing. To handle such cases, the lawyers have to gather all the evidence and history of the concerned criminal. Also, they try to find out the reason behind everything happening.

When lawyers frequently handle criminal cases, they become used to such cases. All this makes the lawyers aware of the criminal case processing method. So, this may also be a reason that appeals to someone to choose the law field. 

To Run a Law Firm

Different experienced lawyers join together to make a law firm. In a law firm, one can find lawyers of all levels, from entry-level to well-experienced persons. These law firms work for the goodwill of the people of their society.

They offer people almost all kinds of law services to handle their problems effectively. Also, such associations may have experts who act as consultants. They suggest people different solutions to their cases. 

Moreover, law associations or firms earn handsome revenue by serving clients. If a lawyer is a partner or shareholder, he’ll get a handsome amount from the firm. The will of running a law firm for the welfare of people may also be a reason that leads someone to enter the law field. 

An Ever-Evolving Profession

Being a lawyer does not mean just joining the law field, and it’s enough. Over time, you’ll learn new laws and policies regarding different cases. This increases the intellectual capability of the lawyers. This is another reason that urges someone to enter the law field. 

Will to Teach the Law

Some people may choose law teaching after they have cleared the law examination. Teaching law is also a profitable and respectful profession. People may also join the law school to further teach the students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you answer why you want to be a lawyer?

To learn the behaviors, psychology, and attitudes of society and to serve the people will be reasons behind my joining the law field. 

What skills do you need to be a lawyer?

Critical thinking skills, evaluation skills, writing, and oral skill, time management skill, and investigation skill are some of the essential requirements of the law field. 

What are the disadvantages of being a lawyer?

There is no remarkable disadvantage of choosing the law field except you’ll have to work hard or sometimes you may get the demanding client who makes you work for many hours. 

What are the duties of a lawyer?

Representing clients in the court, hearing the clients’ arguments, researching for the will of the clients, communicating with the judge and other party’s lawyer, and interpreting the laws are some duties of a lawyer. 

Is being a lawyer a good job?

Yes, being a lawyer is a good job as it adds to your intellectual capabilities and earns handsome revenue for you. 


Joining the law school for the welfare of the people of society or state is a good idea. Many reasons may cause someone’s entrance into the law field. Whatever the reason may be, joining the field of law is an honorable and profitable profession.


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