Best Child Custody Lawyer in Florida | 11 Lawyers List With Their Details


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All breakups and divorces are not contentious and emotional. Sometimes, both parties contact the family lawyers and plan to divide their assets and separate when children are involved. The parents want to get custody of their children with the help of custody visitation support agreements.  Child custody matters are complex in many ways, especially in the US, so it is better to hire a lawyer to help you out easily. This article will discuss how you can hire the best child custody lawyer in Florida in detail, so keep on reading this informative piece of information.

What is Child Custody?

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Florida

Child custody defines the situation in which a parent wants joint or physical custody to raise and bring their child. During the cases of divorce or separation and the cases of abuse, there come the child custody hearings in court

Roles and Responsibilities of the Child Custody Lawyer

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Florida

When you plan to hire the best child custody lawyer in Florida, you should make sure that they can look into the following roles and responsibilities for must.

  • Each parent has the sufficient ability to retain the child/parent relationship between the child and the other parent.
  • A parent can obey the parenting schedule and agree to the changes in the terms and conditions of the visitation agreement. 
  • Division of the responsibilities between both parents. 
  • Each parent can meet the needs and requirements of their child.
  • For how much time the parents want to spend with the child.
  • The capacity of the parent to retain the parenting schedule and plan when there is the involvement of visitation matters.
  • Each parent is morally fit.
  • The physical and moral health of the parent
  • The performance of the child in the home, school, and community
  • After analyzing and examining the child’s maturity and intelligence, the court will decide according to the child’s preference.
  • The level of interest of each parent in the child’s personal life like schools, friends and doctors, and other activities.
  • Proof of sexual violence, domestic violence, child abuse, child abandonment, and child neglect.
  • The ability of one parent to communicate with the other parent regarding different matters of the child.

Best Child Custody Lawyers in Florida

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Florida

Details of the best 10 child custody lawyers in Florida

Name of lawyerExperience
Richelle Marsico18 years
Debra Ferwerda25 years
Johnny DeGirolamo10 years
Vera Bergermann41 years
Catherine Rodriguez30 years
Andrew Decker16 years
Jared Frankel11 years
Lauren Brusca10 years
Amanda Jacobson25 years
Vanessa de Lara18 years

Rechelle M.Marsico  

Rechelle M. Marsico, is practising law as a lawyer in Florida for 18 years. She dedicates her legal career to individual clients at appellate and trial levels. Her practice area includes complex and divorce commercial litigation for Stein Law Group. She also practices in marital and family law cases.

Debra Ferwerda:  

Debra Ferwerda is a famous and well-respected Central Florida Family law and defence trial lawyer. She earns a reputation for her non-sense approach and integrity inside and outside the courtroom. She gives personal attention to all her cases and works as an assistant state attorney for the Orange and Osceola county state attorney’s office.

Johnny DeGirolamo:  

Lawyer Johnny DeGirolamo is the owner and founder of the law offices of Jhon DeGirolamo in Florida. Johnny practices aggressively representing fathers and husbands in divorce proceedings to obtain the best possible results. Mr Johnny is a member of the Stann Givens Family Law American Inn of the court of Tempa in Florida.

Vera Bergermann:  

Vera Bergermann is the Managing Attorney of the Bergermann law firm; been practising family law cases for more than 35 years. She has been a divorce mediator for more than 20 years, a qualified parenting coordinator, and holds a master’s degree in Taxation. She passed the Bar exam in the first step in 1994 and became the certified family law Mediator in 1996.

Catherine Rodriguez:  

Catherine Rodriguez is practising in a law firm and devoting her marital and family law skills. She has been practising for 30 years and has tried numerous various cases. Catherine is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial and a Board Certified Miami Divorce attorney. Her expertise enables her to access each dispute to represent her clients with the best skills.  

Andrew Decker:  

Andrew Decker is a senior judge of the third court in Florida and, elected in 2012, took office on 8th January in 2013. His current position expired in 2019. The judge is outside the coverage scope and does not get the scheduled updates. Before becoming the judge, he practised under the title of The Decker law firm.

Jared Frankle:  

Jared A Frankle is a family law attorney in Daytona Beach in Florida. Franklin law firm is working for its clients in all legal disputes regarding family law, including child custody, divorce, child support paternity, modification, and domestic violence. The firm works in Palm Coast and Flager beach, and many cities.

Lauren Brusca:  

Lawyer Lauren Brusca is a native of Florida and is a long-standing resident of Florida. She has a license to practice before the United States for the Middle District of Florida as a member of the Florida Bar. She has involvement in charities, legal organizations, and non-profit organizations and represents her clients in the surrounded areas of Florida.

Amanda Jacobson:  

Amanda Jacobson has been an attorney since 1996 and practising in family law and criminal law cases. She is also a specialized family law arbitrator who can help her clients resolve family matters before court hearings. She can deal with all types of cases like divorce, child custody, and marriage disputes.

Vanessa de Lara:  

Vanessa De Lara is the owner and founder of Vasquez De Lara law group, a law firm dedicated to helping families in legal disputes. She has graduated from the University Of Miami School Of Law in 2002. She has the name of the top super lawyers, rising stars, and has experience in family law cases and litigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get equal time with my child?

Yes, you have the legal right to spend equal time with your child. This aspect depends on various factors, including your work schedule—the distance between the homes of two patients, child care, and the history of involvement. You have to prove that you can do your best for the best interest and welfare of the child.

How much does a child care lawyer in Florida cost?

The average cost for a child custody lawyer may range from 100$ to $500. In the unconsented case, the total cost may vary from 2500$ to 5000$, and the consented cases can cost up to 5000$ to 25000$.

How can I get full custody in Florida?

The mother must provide powerful evidence to the court that is in the child’s best interest. There is no say of the father in raising the child in this case. Mothers who want to get full custody of their children should hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to get help and guidance.

What do judges look for in child custody cases?

The court will consider factors in the child custody cases that involve many issues. They will want to know about the child’s feelings and wants. The gender of the child, age, characteristics, and background are all the other factors in the decision-making process. The judge will ensure that the child’s life is safe from any possible harm and that the parent can fulfil the child’s needs.

Can a child in Florida decide on his own which parent he wants to live with?

In Florida, the child’s age is the major factor in deciding which parent they want to live with. This means that this matter depends on the overall maturity of the child. Unlike other states, there is no particular age for which the court can decide the issue, but it considers the child’s preference for sure. A judge can decide based on the child’s confidence and intelligence to choose. 


To wrap up the article on the best child custody lawyer in Florida, it is wrong if any person thinks they can get custody of the child without a lawyer because hiring an attorney can be helpful in many aspects as the lawyers are aware of the ins and outs of the custody cases. They work in the children’s best interests and better guide the parents.  

Moreover, the parents who want to raise their children under their supervision and want custody of the children can participate in mediation. In the mediation process, you can negotiate what you want and on the matters relevant to the situation.

With this article’s information, I hope you will get to the point of resolution with which everyone can live. Otherwise, the court can issue a parenting plan with which the parent will not be happy. But it is noteworthy that if domestic violence exists, you can skip the option of mediation.


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