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Same as some marriages end in divorce, and as a result, client/lawyer relationships splash. The client has a legal right to demand the money which the lawyer holds with him.

The client also has the right to fire his lawyer, ending the relationship. BTW, it is an easy task because he knows that finance calculation can be more difficult. The size of the refund depends on the type of fee agreement you deal with the lawyer. This, even if you have the entitlement for the refund. Let’s learn can you get your money back from the lawyer.

So, if you want to know how you can get your money back from the lawyer, keep reading.

Can you get your Money Back from the Lawyer?

Can you Get your Money Back from the Lawyer

If you fire a lawyer with whom you have paid an initial retainer, he or she is entitled to be refunded any money left in their account after the date of termination.

Once fired and before preparing a final accounting for services rendered as well as delivering it formally (or at least orally), this attorney must provide his/her client with either written documentation that all funds were returned during negotiation alongside checks made out accordingly.

He or she must deliver one last oral report detailing how much has been accounted back up until then. Also, must offer some suggestions on what could potentially happen next regarding those things worth knowing going forward!

How to get back Money from the Lawyer?

Can you Get your Money Back from the Lawyer

When you plan to hire a lawyer, you want to get legal guidance and assistance. He or she must help you with the issue you face. Whether you are dealing with a criminal prosecution or a financial creditor, your lawyer is liable and responsible for helping you for your lifetime. 

Unluckily, the relationship between the lawyer and client goes bitter to the level where no longer the counselor can handle the issue. This will ultimately leave the fee charges with the lawyer you have already paid to them. 

Therefore, the following are how you can probably get your money back from the lawyer.

The fee agreement

Your right to get back money from your lawyer greatly depends on your arrangements with them. Because most professional lawyers make their agreements regarding fees in writing form, that is not always possible in many cases.

The good news is that when fee agreements are working against you. So, the rule by state law does not allow any lawyer to keep the fee that is not his legal right.

But this even does not mean that you can receive all or full payment back. It means you have the right, and you can get the return of any portion of money your retainer was waiting to receive. All this depends on the terms, conditions, and circumstances.

Your right to get back your money from the lawyer also depends on the type of agreement. Also by the arrangement, you have with your lawyer. That means an hourly rate or a contingency agreement. 

Contingency fee agreements

A contingency fee agreement refers to the agreement or the relationship where a lawyer does not need additional legal fees. Despite having part of the compensation, they will cover on your behalf. In case they are unsuccessful in a particular case, they will get nothing in the form of fees. 

Suppose the fee arrangements go up front to make you understand what percentage of the fee your lawyer will keep. However, some types of disputes may arise in cases where it is ambiguous who is responsible for the cost of expert witnesses’ submission and filing fees and other miscellaneous considerations. These disputes can result in disagreement due to what the original share of the lawyer should be.

Hourly fee agreements

In personal injury cases, contingency fee agreements are common. While other areas of the law do not cover and favor these types of arrangements, particular areas and fields of the law like the family law bar and other contingency arrangements.

Instead, the lawyers and attorneys use their bills’ hourly and flat fees. 

The hourly fees are ready for disagreements, as most lawyers and attorneys need a retainer to receive payments. The retainer represents the amount paid to your lawyer for that amount they have not yet earned. Problems and issues arise when you end the lawyer-client relationship before the lawyer gets their whole retainer.

However, they are liable to give back all unearned fees. Disagreements occur over the issues like how much work a lawyer works.

Where to turn

The above steps and facts are very helpful in getting back your fees from the lawyer. However, always ask what to do if your lawyer will not agree to return your money to you.

The rules and regulations in every state are different worldwide. So, each retains some form of a bar association that controls the licensing of lawyers within the state. These groups are liable and work in case your lawyer does not agree to return your money in the first place. 

Suppose the lawyer claims that he has learned the whole amount of money and is committed to keeping your funds. In this case, the bar association can help you make arrangements with the lawyer to get the things and agreements settle down.

Moreover, the bar association can discipline the lawyer if they keep the client’s money wrongfully. In most cases, the result of such disputes between the lawyer and the clients leads to the lawyer’s official license termination.

If you don’t want yourself at stake, getting help from the bar association will be the best option to get your money back from the lawyer. 

You can also get help from legal action against your lawyer for your unreturned money. This will be a better option if the amount of money with your lawyer is huge, but claiming these amounts of money will need the hiring of a new lawyer to claim your case. You can also search for legal counsel before filing a lawsuit against your lawyer for your unreturned fees.

Lawyer retainer fee refund

The lawyer retainer fee is the amount of payment that you pay to your lawyer or other legal expert or service provider to proceed with your case for a specific period. During the case process, the lawyer should be at your disposal for any type of queries about your case, claim, and legal matters.

You can get the lawyer retainer fee if you plan to end s the relationship with your legal attorney. 

After your case comes to an end, you have the legal right to get back your retainer fee; in the case of an accounting error and the fee dispute or the end of the retainer agreement, you can request to refund your retainer fee. 

While signing the agreement for the retainer fee, you should read the terms and conditions to know whether your fee is refundable or not if you want to terminate the agreement before time. Most of the agreements will expose what will happen with the unearned money.

The agreement for the retainer fee also determines the consequences if you violate the terms and settings of the agreement regarding the case and what your responsibilities are. Some specific rules and regulations do not permit the lawyers to end the relationship with the client if they don’t have a powerful cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer, also known as a counselor, barrister, is an individual who is practicing after studying law education. A lawyer has a law degree and has an official license to practice law in a specific area or field. Lawyers are also accountable for preparing legal documents like contracts, wills, deeds, documents for real estate matters, and many more. 

What are American lawyers called?

In the USA, attorneys are also known as lawyers. The word attorney is originated from the French language, meaning one appointed or constituted. The original meaning of attorney is a person who is acting on behalf of another person as an agent or deputy. 

Is a lawyer an attorney?

Lawyers are those individuals who join law schools. Also, they take and pass the bar examination. The term attorney is an abbreviation of the formal title. Attorney at law who is trained and educated in law and spends time in court and practice in the court.

Who is better, an attorney or a lawyer?

There is no significant difference between a lawyer and an attorney working in the house counsel. In this case, both have to pass the state bar to be eligible to offer their services in legal terms. In the United States of America, legal professionals work and provide their services for corporations and other organizations.

Which country produces the best lawyers?

Switzerland is at the topmost of those countries worldwide that produce the best lawyers and reward their lawyers at the best level. The average annual salary is 260,739$. The Swiss lawyer can earn up to 120,279$ to the lowest terms. Therefore, it is the highest salary would be 414,058$ per year.    


To wrap up the article on how you can get the money back from your lawyer, it will not be incorrect to mention that there is no surety that you can get the money from your lawyer.

However, suppose wrongfully he has some or a significant amount of the money of your retainer or the financial settlement. In that case, the bar association of the particular state can help you out in this situation. The more services and work you get from your lawyer, the more chances to lose your money from the lawyer’s possession.


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