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Trust in the hired lawyer is a good thing but knowing whether a lawyer is good or not is also the right of the plaintiffs. Some clients are clever enough to understand the nature and reputation of their attorney during the consultation process. However, some straightforward persons may not judge the personality of their attorney. So, they will need some help to judge their lawyer. After or before hiring an attorney, their basic question would be, “how do I know if my lawyer is good?” 

Some potential plaintiffs may like to research the lawyer before hiring him. A lawyer’s profile may not reveal all the facts about him, as a profile will be self-made. So, the potential person who may love to know about the lawyer will have to use some other sources to dig into his lawyer. 

After thorough research, we’ve disclosed some methods to learn whether a lawyer is suitable for your case or not. This article will be discussing all good lawyers. So, let’s explore all about a good attorney. 

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Methods to Judge, a Lawyer

How Do I Know If My Lawyer is Good

Check Bar Profile

When a lawyer starts his practice within a law field, he must have a bar profile. Whenever a person starts writing “Esq” or “Attorney,” it means that he has got a license or permit from the ((district bar association)). When he gets a star bar license, he is en route to the bar’s portfolio website. 

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So, one can research all about him from there. If the lawyer is indulged in any ethical trouble, it will also be clear there. So, checking the lawyer’s profile from the state bar’s website is one of the best ways to learn whether he’s good for you or not. 

Get the Aid of Google or Social Media

We’re living in the age of advanced technology where any scandal is revealed within a few seconds. Social media and Google search engines are two major sources where a person can check all about the lawyer. Lawyers are one of the prominent professions, so any trouble regarding them is revealed instantly. So, a plaintiff who wants to know something about his lawyer can search there. 

Yelp Website

((Yelp)) is one of the top-ranking and well-known websites that contain all sensitive information about the prominent persons of any society. Legal professionals are legally bound to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. They must keep all personal information about themselves and their clients confidential, so you must find out what kind of lawyer is right for your needs before hiring them! 

Check Lawyer’s Portfolio

Building a website for a portfolio is one of the common methods to get maximum clients in any field. So, a lawyer must have a portfolio website that will tell all about the lawyer’s life. A good portfolio with good reviews is an authentic source to judge the attorney. 

Lawyer’s Rating

If you consider that the lawyer’s profile or Yelp doesn’t provide you authentic information about your attorney, checking third-party reviews sites or groups is the best option. Such groups, like ((Super Lawyers)), have real ratings and reviews from the third party whether a person is valid for your task or not. 

What are the Qualities of a Good Lawyer?

How Do I Know If My Lawyer is Good

Here are some of the qualities of a good lawyer. 

Optimistic Person

No guarantee at all or being overconfident; both are not good practices on the part of a lawyer. A lawyer should not exaggerate his success. He should never make promises regarding the outcomes of the will. Also, he should not be overconfident. When a lawyer is overconfident, he will take the case lightly. This may bring any failure too. 

A good lawyer supports his promises with authentic reasons. This will also help the lawyer to build his value within the field. 


A good lawyer will also be cooperative. He will represent his clients in court and consult them on various issues regarding the case. A rude person, as usual, can never be a good person. So, this is also a quality of a good lawyer. 

A Good Spectator 

A good lawyer should be a good spectator or listener. If he doesn’t listen to the client’s issues, he can’t understand their problem. Moreover, he can’t proceed without proper research, which is impossible without understanding the issue. So, to learn the client’s issues and goals about the case, a good lawyer, will always listen to him carefully. He should respond to you appropriately after listening to your problem. 

Consistent With the Objectives

Though it may seem odd, a good lawyer should be to the point. He should not be talkative or dumb. Rather he should move on according to the situation of the will. He should be honest with his objective. No matter if anything strange happens, he should keep the plaintiffs up to date with their will. In short, he should act like a real professional. 

Straightforward About Fee

Some lawyers may give their clients various examples to charge high fees. Such lawyers may be greedy who may work just for money. A good lawyer should tell their clients a fee range. If the client can pay it, he should hire him and vice versa. 

A Trustworthy Personality

A good lawyer should seem and act as a trustworthy person. He should be respectful towards others, even the opposition’s attorney. Also, he should keep the clients up to date with the proceedings regarding the case. 

What Shows a Lawyer is bad?

How Do I Know If My Lawyer is Good

Not all lawyers are perfect for your task. Some of them may not be suitable either. So, keep in mind some of the qualities of a bad or rude lawyer who may not suit your case well. Here are some of the properties of a bad attorney. 

Poor Coordinators

One of the characteristics of a bad lawyer is poor coordination. Such a person who doesn’t communicate properly with you regarding your case will not be suitable. If you try to convey something or ask your lawyer but he doesn’t listen to you, avoid such a person. An attorney who ignores his clients usually fails to proceed with the cases properly. 

Vague Billing Process

A good lawyer will be honest and straightforward regarding the billing or fees. But a bad lawyer, on the other hand, will be vague and unclear about the billing or charges. He’ll not provide you with details about the charges. 


Unlike a good attorney who is optimistic and shows optimistic behavior towards his clients, a bad lawyer will be pessimistic. He’ll not show optimistic behavior regarding the case of his clients. 

Rude Behavior

Keep in mind that a good lawyer will always welcome a sensible or reasonable question. But a bad lawyer will not be the same. He’ll never like any question or query regarding the will. Rather he’ll get angry if you ask something from him. This rude behavior of the lawyer may destroy his career as people will lose their faith in him. 


A person who has any court case will not be mentally pleasant. He needs some sympathy to carry on with his case. A good lawyer will try to sympathize with his clients. On the other hand, a bad lawyer will not show empathetic behavior towards his clients. 


A good lawyer will respect all the persons associated with him. He even respects the opposition’s attorney. This is a symbol of a good attorney. However, a bad lawyer will be rude and disrespectful. He’ll not care for the respect of himself and the others. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my lawyer is good?

Here are some methods to check if your lawyer is good.

  • Through his bar profile. 
  • Via social media or Google platforms.
  • Through Yelp Website.
  • Lawyer’s portfolio website.
  • Ratings from the groups consisting of the third party. 

How do you know a bad lawyer?

A bad lawyer will:

  • Not properly reply to your phone calls.
  • Poor in coordination
  • Rude
  • Pessimistic
  • Disrespectful

What do lawyers fear the most?

The most horrible thing for any attorney is the uncontrolled case in court or uncontrolled schedule of his office. 

How often should your lawyer update you?

A lawyer should update you with the proceedings of your will at least after every three weeks. 

How do I know if my lawyer is cheating me?

Here are some of the symptoms that show that your lawyer is cheating with you. 

  • Doesn’t attend your phone calls. 
  • Doesn’t schedule proper meetings with you. 
  • Is always in a rush. 
  • Takes other phone calls during meetings with you. 
  • Not correspond with you properly. 
  • Will ignore you. 


Proper investigation about a lawyer is part of a legal proceeding. If you choose a lawyer who does not care for your emotions or about your will, he’ll spoil your case instead of handling it properly. So, try to judge a lawyer based on above mentioned good and bad qualities. As a plaintiff, you can succeed in your case only if your lawyer is cooperative with you.

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