How to Know If Your Lawyer is Selling You Out | 3 Signs You Must Know


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Before assigning your case to a lawyer, it’s necessary to have a brief meeting with him. When you spend some time discussing the consequences of the case, you can get to know each other well. However, if you decide instantly to hand over your case to a lawyer, you may repent of it. In such a case, you may need to understand ‘how to know if your lawyer is selling you out?

Legal persons have very charming personalities, and you may decide to assign your case to a particular lawyer just due to his physical appearance. But it’s not a wise deal. You’ll learn all about the lawyer you’re going to hire for your case. So not only good but bad, if any, things about your attorney should be known to you. 

However, when someone mistakenly hires a wrong person, he should judge whether the person he has hired is right or wrong. After that, he should move on accordingly. This article will be discussing all the very same queries. Till the end, you’ll get the answer of “How to know if your lawyer is selling you out?”

What to Do When My Lawyer is Selling Me Out?

How to Know If Your Lawyer is Selling You Out

In case a lawyer is proved bad and disloyal, the client should not move on with him. Rather he should try to get back his case from that lawyer. Here are some tips for doing this. 

Know the Reasons behind Lawyer’s Misbehavior

When you find that your lawyer is selling you out, you should find out what is wrong with him. If the lawyer agrees to reach any settlement that may be beneficial for the case, proceed on. Otherwise, leave the lawyer. 

Take Back Your Case

When you’re clear that a lawyer is not processing your case well, take your case file from the lawyer. Of course, it’s better to take the file back from such a lawyer who is ignorant of your case. So, ask your lawyer to return the file of your case. 

Search a New Attorney

When you’ve fired the previous lawyer, a new one is necessary to proceed with your case. When one lawyer deceives you, you’ll learn all about a bad lawyer. So, search for another lawyer who seems good and reliable—Hand over the case to that lawyer for further proceedings.

Characteristics of a Bad Lawyer

How to Know If Your Lawyer is Selling You Out

A bad lawyer will act differently than a good one. Here are some characteristics that show that a lawyer is not loyal to you. 

Lack of Interest in the Case 

The foremost thing that shows that a lawyer is good or bad is his interest in the case of his plaintiff. When a lawyer ignores you and your will, he’s not loyal to your case. He’ll not process the case in a good manner. Also, such a lawyer will not receive your phone calls. 

Lack of Communication

You may know that proper communication is necessary for an effective proceeding of the case. When a lawyer knows the point of view of his plaintiff and the plaintiff will know that of his lawyer, a case will proceed effectively. When a lawyer avoids communicating the case proceedings with his clients, he can’t process the case. Also, when the plaintiff cannot share all about the case with his attorney, it will have a bad effect on the case. 

Lawyer Doesn’t Share the Fact About Case.

Sometimes, such situations occur during a case that can’t be handled without proper sharing with the client. Also, some bitter facts may be necessary to share with the plaintiff. A good lawyer will instantly share those facts with the client to discuss something effective for further processing. However, when a lawyer acts opposite to all these factors, he’s not an honest person. Therefore, he’ll not process your case well. 

Charges Extra Bills

In a law case, charges are finalized before the proceeding of the case. The lawyer will charge the client according to the contract signed before the processing of the case. However, some lawyers may claim some extra charges during a case. Such lawyers are not honest. So, they may fail to process the case properly. 

Rude Behaviour

A lawyer should treat his client sincerely and politely. He should discuss every fact with the client politely. However, a bad lawyer will behave rudely and strangely. He’ll get angry when his client questions something. In this way, the plaintiff also fails to communicate his thoughts with the lawyer. All this makes the case weak. 

Does Not Seem Confident

A lawyer should keep all the proceedings and results of the case confidant. These should be secrets between the lawyer and his plaintiff. A good attorney will always move on confidentially. He’ll not act like a salesman who roars to sell his products. If you find your attorney different, he’s not a good person. He’ll spoil your case rather than settle it. 

Pessimistic Behaviour

A kind-hearted lawyer will always act in a pessimistic manner. He’ll talk about the good things and good results of the case. In this way, the client will remain motivated. Also, such an act puts positive energy into the case. Moreover, a person goes to court in distress. So, a good signal that may lead him towards justice is not less than positive energy. However, if an attorney is acting in a pessimistic manner, he’s doing wrong with his clients. 

No Sympathy for Others

As mentioned above, a person files a case in court in a distressing situation. The situation that leads him towards the court will worry him a lot. In such a situation, minor sympathy may be a great motivation for the worried person. But a bad lawyer will not be sympathetic towards his clients. His clients will be disappointed in him. 

Poor Treatment with Others

A respectful person will always behave politely and respectfully with others. This attitude will make him a respected person. The same is in the case of a lawyer. A good lawyer will always give respect to others and his clients. At the same time, a bad one will act oppositely. 

Dragging of the Case for Nothing

A bad lawyer will be greedy too. He’ll take along to charge as much as he can from his client. For this purpose, he may drag the case to earn profit from the client. As each trial earns the lawyer money, so a greedy lawyer will intentionally drag the case. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a lawyer is ripping you off?

Here are some facts that show that your lawyer is selling you out. 

  • Poor communication with you. 
  • Claiming some extra charges.
  • Rude Behaviour. 
  • No serious attitude towards the case. 
  • Boasting him. 
  • Pessimistic Behaviour. 
  • He’ll not show respect towards other persons, even his fellow attorneys. 

How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?

When a lawyer is boasting himself, it’s clear that he’s stating wrong and beyond the facts. So here are some facts that show that a lawyer is lying. 

  • The lawyer will try to prove himself the best one. 
  • A lawyer who guarantees that you’ll win the case is not reliable. 
  • A liar lawyer will call him a jack of all the trades. 
  • When a lawyer is hiding something from the client. 

Why do lawyers drag out cases?

You know that trials earn the lawyer handsome revenue. So, a greedy lawyer will tend to drag the case intentionally. Then, he’ll drag the case just for his fee. 

What should you not say to a lawyer?

Good communication plays a vital role in the effective processing of a case. However, the client should not say all that he thinks with his lawyer. He should know his limitations. Here are some things that a plaintiff should avoid discussing with his attorney. 

The court judge is not acting honestly. Rather he’s biased. 

  • Principles mean a lot. 
  • I can’t afford your payment. 
  • So why are you waiting even knowing the fact?
  • Telling the lawyer about rules and regulations. 

Do lawyers cheat their clients?

Not all; however, some lawyers may do wrong with their clients. They may cheat them in various ways. Many factors show that a lawyer is cheating with his client. For example, a cheater will hide the facts about the case from the plaintiff, tell lies to the client, act poorly, be poor in communication, and not show respect towards others. If your lawyer is behaving like this, instantly fire him, and hire a new one. 


The relationship between a lawyer and his plaintiff means a lot in any legal case. If this relationship is strong, the case will automatically be strong and vice versa. However, some lawyers may cheat their clients. A wise client should not move on with an attorney after knowing that he’s not an honest person. Instead, the plaintiff should find a new lawyer to process his case in court.

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