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How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Make? The duty of a divorce lawyer is not easy and simple. Also, such an attorney deals with an emotional case as he will proceed for the end of a marriage. The Parting of a couple is an emotional moment. So, lawyers dealing with such cases may be regarded as very courageous lawyers.

Moreover, such lawyers also work on risky cases. They stand on either side of a couple, whether husband or wife. The fear of opposition also haunts them as they may plan something against such a person. However, persons dealing with such cases earn handsome money. Now the question is how much does a divorce lawyer make?

To estimate the hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly income of the divorce lawyer, one will have to dig into the law market thoroughly. After deep research, he can find ‘how much does a divorce lawyer make.’ 

If you’re also curious about learning about the income of such a lawyer who works on divorce cases, this article will benefit you a lot. After a thorough law market research, we have proposed a guide for you. It will help you to learn all about the divorce lawyer. So, let’s dig this guide to unveil all the facts about a divorce lawyer. 

Income of a Divorce Lawyer

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Make

((According to a survey)), a divorce lawyer can make up to $129,000. However, this estimate does not refer to the income of divorce of all types. Some lawyers may earn more, while others can earn less depending upon their experience. Here is an estimate of the annual income of divorce lawyers with different experiences. 

  • Entry-level divorce lawyer: $7000
  • A divorce lawyer with 1 to 2 years of experience: $77000
  • A divorce lawyer with more than three years of experience: $129000

Factors Affecting the Income of a Divorce Lawyer

Not only experience but many other factors may also affect the annual income of the divorce lawyer. Some of the major factors that affect the income of a Divorce Lawyer are listed here. 

Experience of the Lawyer

As mentioned above, experience is the foremost thing that depends on the annual income of a divorce lawyer. An experienced person knows how to deal with a certain situation effectively. Moreover, he knows all the tricks, facts, and laws of the field.

Also, after dealing with multiple cases, an experienced lawyer knows how to resolve the problem of any family. Moreover, he knows all the facts well to handle a case within a short time. So, he can handle more cases than a newbies lawyer. 

But an entry-level lawyer does not know all the facts and figures about the causes of divorce. He needs some time to deal with the divorce cases effectively. It takes time to build trust in any field. So, a new lawyer strives to make the trust in the minds of the clients. At the same time, an experienced person seems more reliable and trusted to the clients. 

All these facts show that an experienced lawyer gets more cases, and he also handles them effectively. So, he earns more than an entry-level lawyer. Hence, an experienced divorce lawyer will earn more than an inexperienced one. 

Region of Practice

Lawyers’ fees are not the same in all the regions. From state to state or even city to city, the fee of the lawyers alters. This thing also affects the income of the divorce lawyer. Those lawyers practicing in the big and developed cities will earn more than those practicing in the small cities or towns. 

Also, different states offer different facilities to divorce lawyers in the form of allowance. These allowances also add to the income of the divorce lawyer. So, the state is another factor that contributes to the income of the divorce lawyer. 

Difference of Being Male or Female

Lawyers are often seen as an elite group, with the income of most states’ ladies lawyers being ((36% less than)) that of their male counterparts. Certain factors are dependent on the gender of a lawyer. So, gender difference also affects the income of the divorce lawyer. 

Type of the Lawyer

There are many areas within the law in which a lawyer can start their practice. Different areas have a different number of clients, and their fee is also different. Also, different states have different wages for different categories of lawyers. So, are of practice is another factor that contributes a lot to the income of any lawyer. In regions where divorce lawyers get high payment, their income will be high and vice versa. 

How to Become a Divorce Lawyer?

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Make

The procedure for getting admission to any law school for any law is the same. Like many other types of lawyers, a divorce lawyer will also have to proceed in the following ways to adopt the law field professionally. 

The foremost thing is the college or undergraduate degree in law or any other art subject. Also, the students of engineering can apply for the law schools. 

  • After getting an undergraduate degree in any subject, the student intended to take admission in the law will have to appear in the ((law school admission test)) (LSAT). Passing this test is necessary to get started with any school. This test will help evaluate the student’s different skills like critical and creative thinking skills, evaluation skills, reading and writing skills, and so on. 
  • After the LSAT, you’ll have to apply to multiple law schools. You’ll get admission according to your aggregate. 
  • Fill out the application for any of the law schools carefully. Any mistake can lead you to failure. 
  • Once you have been admitted to law school, you’ll be a regular student of that particular school. 
  • When you finish your tenure at the law school, you should pass the state bar examination to start practicing in the relevant field. 
  • Once you’ve cleared the state bar examination, you’ll get the permit or license from your state. After getting the license, you can start practicing law officially. 

What Should a Divorce Lawyer Know?

Only a law degree is not enough to practice as a divorce lawyer; there are many other essential things that a lawyer should understand before getting into the field officially. Here are some essential things that a divorce lawyer must know. 

  • A thorough understanding of family relations. 
  • All about the child’s psychology. 
  • All facts and rules of custody cases. 
  • Situations behind every case. 
  • Psychology and temperament of the client. 
  • A thorough understanding of the domestic cases. 
  • Proper knowledge of child abuse. 

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Which Cases Does a Divorce Lawyer Handle?

Here are the cases that a ((divorce lawyer usually handles)). 

  • Child abuse
  • Child custody
  • Domestic violence
  • Divorce
  • Family relation issues

These are some well-known cases that a divorce lawyer handles. However, these are not the only cases concerned with such a lawyer. He may also handle some other cases regarding family or domestic issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another name used for the divorce lawyer?

Another name used for the divorce lawyer is a matrimonial lawyer. Some people may get confused when they encounter this name. Like others, to avoid confusion, keep in mind that this name is also used for the divorce lawyer. 

Do divorce lawyers make a lot of money?

When situations among couples become worse, the marriage ends. A divorce lawyer is a person who helps the couple to settle different matters among them. From this task, he can earn handsome money. Starters can earn up to $70000 while experienced may earn up to $129000 annually in this field. 

How much does a divorce lawyer make a month?

A well-experienced and well-trained divorce lawyer can make up to $10750 monthly. However, this income is not fixed. It depends on different factors and varies accordingly. 

How many years do you go to law school?

You’ll have to study for at least seven years in law school or college to become a successful lawyer. Here is the division of the lawyer’s study. 

  • Bachelor’s degree: 4 years
  • JD degree: 3 years

Is being a divorce lawyer hard?

Yes, being a lawyer of any type is hard. Like many other types of lawyers, being a divorce lawyer needs great consistency and very hard work. Unlike going to an art school or college, attending a law school is far more challenging. 

How much does a divorce cost?

Though the fee of a divorce lawyer varies from state to state, however, an average income of a lawyer in this field is $129000 annually. This amount may vary according to the lawyer’s experience, region, gender, or type of case. But the average income of a divorce lawyer is very high. 


Like many other lawyers, a divorce lawyer earns a handsome amount annually. According to a survey, divorce cases are decreasing day by day, but there are enough cases that a divorce lawyer will have to handle. So, he can earn handsome revenue from this profession. With a proper understanding of the industry, one can estimate the income of a divorce lawyer within his state. 

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